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Web Information Systems
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The web today has become a major platform for various web information systems ranging from small applications for SMEs to complex, sophisticated enterprise applications. Web information systems ranging from supply chain management, e-learning, knowledge management, collaborative commerce and e-government are continuing growing as Internet become more prevalent.  The concepts of web 2.0 technologies have also demonstrated that web will continue to dominant platforms for future software applications.

 Despite the growth of web applications, many developers are still developing web applications in an ad-hoc way.  This has led to issues such as reliability, maintainability, usability as well as quality of these applications.  Thus web applications would benefit from established practices from existing computing areas such as software engineering, system analysis and design, project management, user interface principles, multimedia practices, user interface, database, modeling and simulation.  Besides these, web applications also need to address other issues such as the faster development time, various development platforms, security issues, bandwidth problem and the needs to run on various interface and devices.


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